Landlords urged to prepare for longer tenancies

The Association of Independent Inventory Clerks (AIIC) is urging landlords and property owners to prepare for longer tenancies.

The independent body is calling for heightened preparation, more thorough administration and greater tenant freedom over furniture and interior design, following recent statistics from the English Housing Survey 2014-15, which found that the average private tenancy in the UK has recently reached four years.

The study found that 46% of 25-34 year-olds lived in the Private Rented Sector in 2014-15, in comparison with just 24% in 2004-05.

AIIC chair, Patricia Barber, said: “Despite numerous reports suggesting that the average tenant doesn’t want a long-term contract, the official statistics show that average tenancy lengths are increasing – particularly among families – as people rent for longer.”

The AIIC believe that these figures should encourage landlords to think harder about what will make their properties feel more like ‘home’ for tenants, and what can be done to facilitate renters staying in their property for four years plus.

Ms Barber also argued that the increasing trend in long-term renting highlights how important it is for landlords to be organised, prepared and on top of their administration duties.

“When tenants stick around for longer, often the chances of confusion and disagreement over certain issues are increased when the tenancy does eventually come to an end.

“The longer time goes on, the more likely landlords and tenants are to forget details from the tenancy agreement or important information about the deposit, and that’s why stringent administration – keeping copies of everything and organising it accordingly – is so important.”

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