Tribunal throws reporter’s claim out for discussing details

A claim brought forward by a BBC journalist has been struck out after it emerged that she had spoken to a reporter while giving evidence.

The Judge branded Sally Chidzoy’s communications while still under oath as “unreasonable conduct”.

It follows a claim in which the home affairs correspondent, who has worked for the BBC for 30 years, alleged she was a victim of harassment and sexual discrimination.

But towards the end of her giving evidence, representatives of the BBC notified the Tribunal that Ms Chidzoy had spoken about the case with an Eastern Daily Press journalist.

In Courts it is prohibited for a witness to discuss the details of a case during breaks between cross-examinations.

Ms Chidzoy argued that she was approached by the journalist and that they merely “exchanged pleasantries”.

But the BBC said the claimant’s actions were unreasonable and made a fair trial impossible.

Judge Michael Ord said: “It is the fatal damage to our trust in the claimant and the way the case is conducted on her behalf that has led us to the unanimous conclusion that it was not possible for a fair trial of any of the issues.

“Accordingly, the claimant has been guilty of unreasonable conduct.”

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