Briefing paper on no-fault divorce prepared for MPs

The House of Commons recently released a briefing paper which set out the arguments both for and against no-fault divorce, a principle which MPs are coming under increasing pressure to consider.

The 20-page document was prepared by a researcher in Parliament’s Library and provides detailed background on how a no-fault system would differ from the existing legal framework.

Information on some of the arguments advanced by leading supporters of reform, including the Family Mediation Taskforce and Resolution, were also included.

It also details a failed attempt by a backbench MP to implement a change in the law via a Private Members’ Bill.

The unsuccessful effort by Richard Bacon is the latest in a series of ultimately fruitless attempts to reform the existing divorce process.

Despite the appetite for change among a number of legal bodies, the Government has been reticent to allocate parliamentary time to the issue.

Nonetheless, Resolution issued a clarion call earlier this year for professionals in the family law sector to continue to press for those changes which they believe would make the divorce process less “acrimonious” for the parties concerned.

Chairman Neil Shepherd said: “We will continue to make the case to government, supported by charities, the judiciary and the many others who support no fault divorce.”

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