City solicitor jets to Cologne for conference on the next generation of transportation

A City of London solicitor who specialises in the legal considerations around drones and autonomous technologies has jetted to Cologne to discuss what the next generation of transport technology has in store for communities around the world.

Rufus Ballaster, a Partner at Carter Lemon Camerons LLP and head of the firm’s multidisciplinary drones and autonomous technologies team has taken part in The Future of Transportation World Conference on 19 and 20 June 2018.

As part of the conference, he moderated a range of panel discussions relating to matters such as the legal and regulatory challenges of autonomous vehicles, and connected autonomous vehicles.

“I am an optimist when it comes to the future of transportation and that was certainly true of most of the speakers at the conference,” he said.

“Technologies such as delivery drones, driverless cars and connected autonomous vehicles have enormous potential to transform the way we live for the better.

“However, in order to ensure that we are able to realise the full potential of these technologies to improve people’s lives, the law will need to adapt to their capabilities.

“For example, once they become commonplace, we will need to be clear about where drones can take off and land and how high they can fly.

“We will also need to think about who is liable for incidents involving driverless vehicles, how they should be insured and how driverless and manually-driven vehicles should interact.

“It was fascinating to hear a wide range of perspectives on these topics as drones and autonomous vehicles edge ever closer to becoming part of our daily routines.”

Rufus Ballaster has strong credentials in this area, having co-authored a book on the closely-related subject of the law governing the use of drones. A Practical Guide to Drone Law, by Rufus Ballaster, his fellow Carter Lemon Camerons LLP Partner, Andrew Firman and consultant, Eleanor Clot, aims to bring together the disparate laws and regulations governing the use of drones.