Commitment to maintain Britain’s “world-leading” IP framework

The Intellectual Property Office (IPO) has sought to clarify where companies stand in the wake of the recent EU referendum.

In a recent statement, the government body insisted that the UK would remain a “world leader” in enforcing IP rights and that the country would continue to play a role in shaping the laws which apply across multiple jurisdictions.

“While the UK remains in the EU, our copyright laws will continue to comply with the EU copyright directives, and we will continue to participate in EU negotiations,” said an IPO spokesman.

“The continued effect of EU directives and regulations following our exit from the EU will depend on the terms of our future relationship.”

While the negotiation of new arrangements is set to have a bearing on the future framework for copyright, trademark and other intellectual property laws, the IPO has said it would be the UK’s priority to continue to nurture an environment “where legitimate businesses thrive and consumers are protected.”

It has also been confirmed that Baroness Neville-Rolfe will retain her role as Minister for Intellectual Property following the appointment of Theresa May as Prime Minister and the cabinet reshuffle which followed.

In a rapidly changing world, protecting IP is a challenge for many businesses.