The importance of Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a document by which a person can make arrangements for someone else to deal with the person’s affairs even if the person has lost metal capacity. Many people are becoming more aware of the legal and practical problems caused by loss of mental capacity through their own experiences with relatives or friends.

An individual is only able to make a valid LPA if they are still able to understand what the document means. After this point it is too late, and a family member or friend would have to seek Deputyship – which is an altogether more complicated process, with far greater oversight from the authorities.

Although LPAs are particularly important for older people, who are obviously at greater risk of developing a condition such as Alzheimer’s, it is also something that younger adults should give proper consideration; LPAs can be of great importance if, for instance, a person suffers a stroke or life-changing road accident.

If you require any advice on Lasting Power of Attorney arrangements, please contact Ian West, Neil Acheson-Gray or Michael Woodward.