MEP loses latest round of libel battle

A politician is to be sued for libel following a failed attempt to secure immunity from prosecution.

Jane Collins, a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), had claimed that three MPs had known about a high-profile child abuse scandal in Rotherham and failed to intervene.

The comments were during a speech made at a UKIP conference in September 2014.

The three MPs – John Healey, Sir Kevin Barron and Sarah Champion – had subsequently sued Ms Collins for libel and slander.

The case came to a halt in the spring after the MEP had launched a bid for immunity from prosecution, although her bid had been rejected by the European Parliament.

Ms Collins, who was elected to represent the Yorkshire and the Humber region in 2014, said the outcome was “one lost battle in a war of words I’m determined to win.”

In a joint statement, the MPs – who all represent constituencies in the Rotherham area – said: “We welcome the decision of the European Parliament and hope this matter can at long last now be brought to a conclusion in the High Court.

“This has gone on for over two years and she has tried every delaying tactic she can – including the absurd irony of a UKIP Euro MP trying to claim immunity from the European Parliament to avoid facing justice in the British courts.”website.

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