Property tycoon claims marriage certificate was faked

A property developer who has amassed a £1.1billion fortune has told a High Court hearing that he was never in fact married to his “wife” of 14 years.

Billionaire Asif Aziz has claimed that he had obtained a fake certificate so a child that he was informally adopting with his partner Tagilde could get a passport.

The couple had divorced last November, but now Mr Aziz has called the ruling into question by suggesting that the pair were never officially married.

Mrs Aziz has maintained that the couple underwent a Muslim marriage ceremony in 2002 and that her ex-partner had made the claim to avoid having to award her a share of his considerable wealth.

Her legal team argue that she should be entitled to a fair share of the money.

Mr Aziz, who was born in Malawi, is the founder of property giant Criterion Capital, which has substantial property interests in London’s West End.

The firm has declined to comment while court proceedings are ongoing.

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