City lawyers’ drones book creates a buzz at launch event

One of the first professional texts to be published on the law governing the use of drones has created a buzz, as the City lawyers who wrote it welcomed invited guests from the worlds of law and technology to a launch event on Thursday 23 November.

A total of 70 people attended the launch of A Practical Guide to Drone Law, which was written by Rufus Ballaster and Andrew Firman, Partners at Carter Lemon Camerons LLP, alongside consultant to the firm, Eleanor Clot.

More than 20 copies of the book were sold at the event, where there was also a chance for guests to win a nano drone with a card in the hat competition and the opportunity to try and take off and land a small drone.

Rufus Ballaster said: “There is a growing recognition that drones are going to become a feature of everyday life in the not-too-distant future, something reflected in the number of people who attended our event and bought the book.

“Drones are not governed by a single body of law, but by numerous laws and regulations, ranging from the ancient law of trespass through to the more modern Civil Aviation Authority regulations, which makes identifying what is permitted quite challenging.

“There is clearly an appetite amongst the legal profession, shared by the wider public, to find out more about the topic and there were some good questions asked during the question and answer session. We hope the book sheds some light for readers on how to deal with matters involving drones.

“We were delighted that so many people attended the launch and were so engaged with the legal questions raised by this significant technological development.”

A Practical Guide to Drone Law is published by Law Brief Publishing and is available now.