Leading City Solicitor says EU citizens should address their residency status sooner rather than later

Solicitors London

A leading City of London-based solicitor has said that citizens of other EU member states should take action on their post-Brexit residency status in the UK sooner, rather than later.

The comments from Kate Boguslawska, a Partner at Carter Lemon Camerons LLP, come after the prime minister set out more details to Parliament about the position the UK is seeking from the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

Amongst the proposals is a suggestion that the three million EU citizens currently living in the UK should be required to apply for a residency card following the country’s withdrawal from the EU.

Kate said: “There is substantial uncertainty about what the precise situation will be for EU citizens after Brexit, but it does seem likely that ‘settled status’  will come with tighter restrictions on living and working in the UK than there are at present. In essence it will be similar to ‘indefinite leave to remain’ which can be granted to non-EU nationals after five years of residence, so for instance, if an EU citizen leaves the UK for more than 2 years, they will lose their status. Also the EU citizen will lose the right to bring a spouse to live with them if their income is below £18,600 per annum.’

“We do not know details of the proposals or the cut-off date and as such, it makes sense for EU citizens to take action now to safeguard their future in the UK ahead of Brexit and before any rule changes come into effect that might restrict their rights in the UK.”

“Over the course of the year since the Brexit vote, our immigration department has become increasingly busy assisting EU national clients who want to ensure that their post-Brexit future in the UK is secure.”