Top City law firm launches innovative Brexit consultancy service

Katarzyna (Kate) Boguslawska

A top City law firm has launched an innovative Brexit consultancy service to help businesses navigate through the challenges associated with the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union (EU).

CLC Brexit Experts from Carter Lemon Camerons LLP is designed to assist businesses with matters ranging from employment, intellectual property and litigation to immigration.

Kate Boguslawska, a Partner at Carter Lemon Camerons LLP, said: “The implications of Brexit for businesses are wide-ranging and profound, even for those that do not trade internationally.”

“We have established the CLC Brexit Experts service to help businesses deal with the uncertainty that the Brexit process brings and to help ensure that they emerge in the strongest possible position after the UK has withdrawn from the EU.”

“Everything from property, to employment and immigration has the potential to be affected significantly by Brexit and it is important that businesses plan as early as possible to adapt to the changes it will bring.”

Carter Lemon Camerons LLP has also made an online tool available on its website, which will enable businesses to understand how Brexit is likely to affect them over the course of the coming years. The page can be viewed at: